Test Heather

Event: 5k / 20k Race Walk

Best Performances: 22:09 / 96:14

Coach: Martin Bell

Club: Pembrokeshire


  • 2019 British Indoor 5,000m Race Walk Champion
  • 7th at 2018 Gold Coast Commonwealth Games 20k Race Walk
  • 2018 European Championships 20k Race Walk Representative
  • 2nd at 2018 British 20k Race Walk Championships 
Powerof10 Profile

But where did it all start for the former UWIC lecturer, who has lived in Cardiff since being a student at Cardiff Training College (now UWIC), apart from a three year stint as Technical Director of the Track & Field Association of Canada in the mid 1970’s?

Well the Nantymoel born superstar was an outstanding sportsman at Ogmore Grammar School and naturally enough played on the wing for his school team and also had a soccer trial for Cardiff City. But all that was to change when the then National Coach for Wales, the late Ron Pickering attending his very first athletics meeting in Wales since his appointment noticed Lynn’s “fantastic” potential. Said Ron, who died in 1991: “I asked him if he wanted to be greatest athlete Wales had ever produced and whether he was prepared to work harder than any other athlete had ever worked.” Ron continued: “Although quiet and shy, he was quite firm in saying that he wanted exactly that.”