Wanted: Event Adjudicators

To fall in line with current licencing practices Welsh Athletics will gradually merge with the UKA requirement that all Road and Multi-Terrain races require an Event Adjudicator present. The current practice in Wales has been that all road and multi-terrain races require a race referee but not necessarily an event adjudicator though many have adopted both roles. All race licences applied through runbritain will require an Event Adjudicator.

The role of an event adjudicator is to ensure that race organisers are compliant of licencing conditions and that races are upheld to high standards of health and safety practices. This, in turn, ensures that insurance regulations are maintained. An additional benefit is that the presence of an event adjudicator will allow Race Referees, where appointed, to solely focus on their role of upholding the rules of competition. Event Adjudicators will also be tasked of generating a report that will allow race organisers to increase the standard of their race and the standards of events across Wales.

Event Adjudicators can be;

  • Current Endurance Official (Level 2b)
  • An existing Regional Licence Officer
  • A current Race Promoter (CV to be submitted to runbritain Technical Group)

If you are interested in becoming an Event Adjudicator, contact Tom Marley

Event Adjudicators will be DBS checked, covered by the UKA Public Liability Insurance and issued with accreditation. Mileage expenses will be reimbursed. Welsh Championship races will require both an Event Adjudicator and a Race Referee.

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