Regional Endurance Days A Success!

South Wales Regional Endurance Day

40 athletes attended the South Wales regional endurance day on Saturday October 7th. The program was a follow on to the successful pilot program that was started by Arwyn Davies. Athletes were ably supported by 11 coaches from across the South Wales region. Chris Jones (Head of endurance) and Dai Williams (South Wales regional chairman) were also present to support the day.

The regional day commenced with a running session at the nearby Fitzalan school fields. The warm up was led by coaches Dan Nash, Tim Fry and Sean Price. Mark Gold then organised athletes into 3 groups based on age and ability. Athletes participated in a short interval session designed to work on building aerobic capacity whilst maintaining good running form. Coaches Helen Andrews, Lucy Kerry, Fred Malkin, Matthew Collins and Paul Darney provided support to the athletes during the running sessions. All athletes participated well and ran a mature and controlled session.

Following a lunch break athletes attended an afternoon session which was held in the new 3G dome at the house of sport. The first part of the afternoon session was led by Chris Jones who delivered a running skills workshop. In small micro groups athletes worked on drills to improve foot contact and cadence during running. Chris’s session was followed by a strength and conditioning workshop led by Alex Kirkup. Athletes and coaches worked in small groups whilst Alex led them through a functional movement screen designed to look at movement patterns, mobility and stability.

The day was a great learning experience for all and was a fine example of the depth of athlete and coaching talent in the South Wales region. Many thanks to all who attended and supported the event.

Report by Liz Davies, South Region Regional Endurance Coordinator

West Wales Regional Endurance Day

The first of the West endurance training days took place today at Carmarthen.  28 athletes and a number of coaches and parents were in attendance, with positive feedback received from both athletes, parents and coaches at the end.

The outdoor training session was adapted slightly to suit the weather conditions in the morning, with all three groups running on the track, split into age/ability groups.  Coaches Neil Thomas, Pete Freeman and Carol Jones took the sessions, (overseen by Delyth Brown), with Jake Morgan, Jon Williams and Andy Thompson assisting.  Athletes were reminded of dynamic stretching techniques as well as other warm up drills, before completing a challenging track session.

Following lunch there was a thirty minute talk on various topics related to training techniques, proper race fuelling and race-day preparation.  This was then followed by a 90 minute strength and conditioning session in the gym.

We had a mixture of age-groups as well as of abilities, it was nice to see the younger and less experienced athletes mix with the older more experienced athletes, as well as seeing the various clubs working together.  This social and educational element is all part of the endurance days' experience and hopefully helps motivate athletes (and coaches alike) to keep working hard and aiming high - endurance running is tough, but the rewards are immeasurable.

Report by Sharon Leech

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