7.63 questions with David O …

After narrowly missing out on selection for the Olympics last year - running 'A' standards just days after the cut-off-date, David Omoregie has opened his 2017 campaign is style, with personal best performances in both the 60m and the 60mH. We took the opportunity to catch up with the European U23 Champion from 2015 to find out what he has in store for the coming year ... 

1. What do you eat for breakfast? Does it differ on a training day?

My breakfast is pretty standard on competition days - I normally have porridge with fruits like banana, blueberries, raspberries and strawberries as of course it’s healthy and tastes great! On other days, I may have steak to help my recovery.

2. What music do you warm up to?

I'm a big hip-hop fan so I listen to loads of different artists on the days I compete to get me pumped, but my favourite is Kendrick Lamar. His music really gets me going and focussed for the task ahead?

3. Can you give us a daily breakdown of your training week?

My week consists of 2 gym sessions and 3 running sessions, 2 being hurdles and 1 being endurance. It changes through the year but more recently because of winter training there has been more of an emphasis on endurance work - which to be honest, I'm not a big fan of because I don't like sprinting anything over 110m!

4. If you could go back – what advice would you give your younger self?

If I could go back I would probably tell myself to be more patient and to have more faith in the work I'm doing, something I'm sure most athletes would tell their younger self. For me when I was a junior I wanted to have it all, and then when that moment came where I was a senior athlete and things didn’t happen immediately, I found it difficult to accept, but I have now learnt that it takes time and our careers are a process in which being patient is crucial to being successful.

5. What is in store for 2017? 

2017 is a very big year for me. After missing out on Rio last year I'm more motivated than ever to make the team for London 2017. Being a home championships, this offers the opportunity to experience the 2012 atmosphere as an athlete and not a spectator. Overall I just want to be more consistent this year and progress on from 2016. If I can do this 2017 will be a successful year!

6. If you were an animal what would you be 

If I was an animal, it would be a cheetah.

7. Why a Cheetah? 

because they are agile and fast just like you have to be over hurdles.

7.63 Finish this sentence:

 ‘This year I really need to watch…’

Arsenal! I’m a fan and I’ve not watched them in 6 years, so this is the year!


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