Volunteer Focus: Life Members

We are fortunate to have a number of individuals that have made, and continue to make, an outstanding contribution to the sport throughout their lives. These individuals are duly recognised as ‘Life Members’ of Welsh Athletics.

Life membership of Welsh Athletics is reserved for individuals who have given long and exceptional service to athletics in Wales either at regional, national or national schools’ level. The award of this honour is determined by the Service Awards Panel and confirmed by the membership at the Annual General Meeting. At any one time, the number of Life Members is restricted to a maximum of ten. Current Life Members are:

  1. Lynette Harries
  2. Hedydd Davies
  3. Ivor Adams
  4. Barrie Owen
  5. Alan Currie
  6. David Alun Williams
  7. John Collins
  8. Jan Evans
  9. Keith Matthews
  10. Clive Williams



Welsh Athletics Life Members (Left to Right): David Alun Williams, Alan Currie, Barrie Owen, Lynette Harries and Clive Williams at the 2016 Welsh Athletics AGM.


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