South and East Wales Regional Endurance Day

Almost 50 athletes along with coaches and support staff attended the latest regional endurance day at NIAC.

The day commenced with a group warm up and drills followed by a choice of sessions varying from 800m 1500m 3000m.  The athletes split into various groups, each had a coach assigned and the training began.

After lunch, the practical demo titled “Preparing Athletes to Land and Take Off – Every Step of The Race” (Eccentric / Concentric landings and take offs and Plyometrics) was superbly demonstrated and explained by Scott Simpson (Head of Coaching & Performance). everyone found it to be informative and very enjoyable.

Hopefully the coaches and athletes will integrate this type of training into their training schedules as they progress.

A fantastic day, well attended by athletes and endurance coaches (Liz Davies, Tim Fry, Darryn Mcatee, Bleddyn Jones, Ridley Griffiths, Matthew Parkes, Phil Banning, Owen Haswell) All looking to learn new skills, gain more knowledge and to move forward along with the athletes they coach.

The day was supported by Scott Simpson (Head of coaching and performance) Alex Coomber (athlete) and myself Arwyn Davies.

Arwyn Davies

South/East Wales Regional Endurance Coordinator.

Welsh Athletics Ltd.
Cardiff International Sports Stadium
Leckwith Road
Cardiff. CF11 8AZ.

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