Inspired by 2017 Programme - Rhaglen Ysbrydoliaeth yn 2017

The Welsh Athletics 'Inspired by 2017' programme will see a number of activities delivered throughout the year looking to capitalise on the excitement and interest that there will be across the sport throughout the year.

Chris Moss, Development Manager said,

“2017 is such a significant year for athletics, with London hosting the World Para Athletics Championships in July and then the IAAF World Championships in August, we really want to capture the enthusiasm that those events will bring.”

With that in mind, Welsh Athletics along with a number of key partners, will be running a series of events and activities throughout the year that have been Inspired by 2017 as part of an ongoing programme of activity. This will include;

  • free official’s education for all clubs and club officials (new and existing officials)
  • free and discounted teacher education opportunities
  • increased opportunities for club volunteers, teachers and underrepresented groups to access places on the coach education courses
  • fully inclusive Holiday Camps and Activity Days for young athletes
  • volunteer reward and recognition activity linked to championships

In addition, we will be looking for clubs to host events and additional activities, in and around the key championship dates, to take advantage of on the additional enthusiasm and attention that there will be on athletics particularly throughout the summer months.

Moss added; “The Inspired by 2017 programme is an opportunity for everyone to get involved in athletics. We will add to the programme of activities throughout the year and will announce the other events that form part of Inspired by 2017 as appropriate. It is important that clubs, schools and the athletics community in Wales engage and embrace the opportunity that this year will bring to the sport".

For further information of how to access the ‘Inspiredby2017’ initiatives please contact Chris Moss (E:

If you are #Inspired by 2017 there are a wealth of opportunities to join the sport of athletics - as an athlete, a coach, an official or as a volunteer.

If you are inspired by the World Para Athletics Championships and IAAF World Championships, there are a wealth of opportunities to join the sport of athletics - as an athlete, a coach, an official or as a volunteer.

As an Athlete

The beauty of the sport is that it is suitable for almost all ages and abilities. The first port of call may be to find an opportunity close to you. Many clubs welcome new members and run introductory programmes for those new to the sport. To find a club, please visit the clubs page where you can search by club name or region.

There are many opportunities for disabled athletes to take part in the sport. This may be through a club, through an event or another opportunity local to you. Many of the Welsh athletes competing at the World Para Athletics Championships have gone through the traditional club route (see above), are coached and regularly train within club settings. Further information can be found on the disability athletics page or via the Disability Sport Wales website.

If you think that a club setting is not for you there are other opportunities. Running is free, it can be done almost anywhere and at a time to suit your schedule and it is great way to help you lead a healthy and active lifestyle. Run Wales is the new social running programme developed to inspire, encourage and support every adult in Wales. At the Run Wales site you can find out more on the social running community and even use the find a group function to help you find an opportunity near you.

Just run… parkrun is a great place to start if you want to run with other people. parkrun organise free weekly runs (both junior and senior) all across Wales and are open to people of all ages and abilities. There are currently 26 parkrun events in Wales, for further details and to find a run near you please visit the parkrun events page.

As a Coach

Whether you have been involved in the sport as a competitor or have just enjoyed what you have seen at the World Para Athletics Championships and IAAF World Championships, if you have a passion for developing talent and helping people succeed then becoming a coach may be a great way for you to get involved in athletics.

Becoming a coach or a leader will provide you with; a recognised qualification, the knowledge and skills to help develop other people, confidence as well as the appropriate insurance cover to deliver activities safely. Further information can be found on the coaching pages and a full list of the coaching courses currently scheduled is available on the coaching calendar page.

As an Official

Officials are an essential part of the sport and as we witness at the World Para Athletics Championships and IAAF World Championships, are fundamental to the success of all events. By becoming an official you get to enjoy the sport at the ‘coalface’ and are continually in the thick of the action, able to witness first-hand the athletes in full competition mode. You become part of a valued team that deliver events at local, regional, national and international level.

To get involved and for further information please visit the officials’ pages.

As a Volunteer

Behind every successful event are an army of volunteers – they are the lifeblood of the sport that make opportunities for others possible. By becoming a volunteer you get to become part of the sport, gain skills and help people fulfil their potential. There are many opportunities to volunteer across the sport either by volunteering at alocal club, at an event or by registering directly with Welsh Athletics by filling in the Volunteer Information Form on the volunteer page of this site.

If you have been inspired by the World Para Athletics Championships and IAAF World Championships, events are a great way to get involved in the sport. Many events across Wales are looking for volunteers to support their activities; further volunteering opportunities are also available at events such as the Cardiff University / Cardiff Half Marathon as well as the parkrun events which happen weekly across Wales.

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