Physical Preparation - Resource 2

About the workshop

This 4 hour workshop will be mostly practical supported by a small amount of theory. The session will explore the content of resource 2 including;

  • Performance Measures
  • Fundamental Movement Skills
  • Lower Body Exercises
  • Upper Body Exercises

The workshop will be delivered by Sport Wales strength and conditioning coaches Matt Archer and Matt Craythorne.

This engaging and interactive session has been designed for coaches working with athletes of all ages, regardless of performance level or event group. Coaches will work in pairs or small groups working through a series of tests and associated exercises to improve strength and capacity.

About the resource

Resource 2 highlights the importance of measuring and monitoring an athletes physical capability across a series of exercises. If we can identify where an athlete has a significant strength deficit we can provide exercises to improve these qualities. The main purpose being injury prevention and movement efficiency.

This resource combines tests and corrective measures based around the Athletic Motor Skill Competencies (AMSC) introduced in Resource 1 and also supports the Youth Physical Development Model (YDP) developed by Rhodri Lloyd and Jon Oliver. Our aim is to help inform coaches to better plan physical development training for athletes relative to their age and stage of development.

Technical competency is at the heart of everything we do in athletics, whether it be running, jumping or throwing. When it comes to developing other physical qualities the same rules apply. This resource and accompanying workshop will provide an excellent platform from which coaches can further progress an athletes skills and physical ability.

All coaches* will be provided with a FREE copy of the resource when they attend the workshop, which is also free!!

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*resources and workshops are only free to athletics coaches based in Wales. 


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