Sprints, Hurdles and Relays

Regional Development Programme (RDP)

The regional programmes are open to invited athletes primarily in the u15 and u17 age group in sprints (not including hurdles - see National Hurdles) their parents and coaches. These days are also open to ALL coaches to attend, even if you do not have an athlete on programme. 

The purpose of the regional programme is to bring together athletes within the region for practical and education sessions. Within the Speed programme the event group theme is relay. This is the golden thread that runs throughout the regional and national programmes. Our ultimate goal is to develop a network of athletes across the regions with the skills to move up into the national programme and eventually represent Wales.  

South East Day 1 - 29/10/17

South East Day 2 - 26/11/17

West Day 1 - 02/12/17

South East Day 3 - 18/02/18

West Day 2 - 18/02/18


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