Volunteer Strategy

Volunteers are an essential part of athletics in Wales.  Clubs, which are the very foundation of the sport, rely heavily on the volunteer support network and the many people that generously give their time to help deliver events and provide opportunities in athletics.  Fortunately there are many opportunities for people to become involved in athletics and a variety of roles that they can undertake. If you would like to become involed in athletics as a coach, for more information please contact your local club or visit the coaching pages of the Welsh Athletics website for more information. Alternatively if you would like to become an official, information is also available via your local club or can be found at the official’s pages of this website.

Welsh Athletics has produced a number of resources to assist clubs in their development . These club support resources can be found below:

Volunteer Framework:

Welsh Athletics, in partnership with the other home countries has developed a Volunteer Framework to support volunteering in Wales and present a strategy for volunteering.

Club Resources:

To assist clubs in the essential areas of volunteer recruitment, retention and recognition, we have developed a Club Volunteer Resource Pack which provides key information and guidance. When there is a focus on volunteering a good place for clubs to start is by carrying out an audit of who currently does what within the club. This helps to identify any gaps or opportunities that may currently exist at the club. A template for this can be found here.

Recruit, Retain and Reward:

With volunteers being such a vital asset to clubs across Wales it is imperative that we have guidance in place in how best to attract new volunteers, retain the volunteers that we have and also how best to reward and recognise those that give so much to the sport. To download the support documents please click the links below:

How to recruit new volunteers

How to retain new volunteers

How to reward your new volunteers

Volunteer Forms / Downloads:

As a club, when recruiting volunteers, it is essential that you collect information and carry out the appropriate checks. Volunteers may be asked to fill out a Volunteer Application and Self Declaration Form. In some cases it may be necessary to carry out an informal interview with individuals to establish which areas they are interested in and how best that may assist the club. An interview prompt sheet may be used as a template for this meeting. When an individual does offer to volunteer at the club, new it may be appropriate to conduct a volunteer induction to ensure that the individual fully understand the running of the club and their role. Existing volunteers may appreciate a review and development meeting to allow them the opportunity to request training or express their views. A template for this meeting can be found here.

Volunteer Application and Self Declaration Form

New Volunteer Interview Prompt Sheet

New Volunteer Induction Form

Volunteer Development Meeting Form

Role Descriptions:

There are many roles that volunteers may undertake within an athletics club. Role descriptions can be found by clicking the links below.


Club Kit and Merchandise Coordinator

Coaching Coordinator

Communication Coordinator

Disability Coordinator

Events Group Coach

First Aid Coordinator

Fixtures Coordinator

Fundraising and Sponsorship Coordinator

Head Coach

Head of Junior Development

Health and Safety Coordinator


Induction Coach (Young Athletes)

Junior Coordinator

Membership Secretary


Officials Coordinator

Senior Events Group Coach

Social Events Coordinator

Team Manager


Volunteer Coordinator

Welfare Officer

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