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Realising Our Potential.

Run faster, throw further, aim to jump higher. Athletics offers the chance to participate, an opportunity to succeed.

From elite performer to recreational runner, full-time coach or volunteer official, athletics involves people of all ages and all abilities. It deals with fulfilling not just a sporting potential, but a human potential.

Every gold medal, every personal best, is based on the athletes’ development from school sports day to the world stage. It involves a team of coaches, officials and volunteers.

The benefits are far wider than individual sporting achievement. Open to everyone, athletic participation can lead to increased social inclusion and stronger communities.

By promoting a healthy lifestyle, it challenges issues such as obesity and heart disease. It provides an inspirational example of team work, self-discipline and the desire to achieve.

Welsh Athletics is the official governing body for athletics in Wales. With over 9000 registered athletes, and more than 95 active clubs. Together, we aim to shape a new future for athletics development and achievement.

We have a proud history, a great track record. By providing structure, we aim to create a seamless pathway from regional schools and clubs, to national elite performance. We support grass roots activity and translate this into national sporting success.

Welsh Athletics is dedicated to improving our sport at both club and national level. We target improved development, education and performance.

At all levels, athletics is a journey. While we develop a wealth of talent for the Commonwealth, British and Olympic teams, we also ensure that athletic opportunities exist for people of all ages and abilities.

Our mission is to create a structure that allows sports men and women to maximise their potential. Based on the development of a club standard, a national competition structure and professional athletics development centres, we will ensure the success of athletes throughout Wales.

Welsh Athletics Ltd.
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